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Step Functions Distributed Map – A Serverless Solution for Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing | Amazon Web Services

I am excited to announce the availability of a distributed map for AWS Step Functions. This flow extends support for orchestrating large-scale parallel workloads such as the on-demand processing of semi-structured data. Step Function’s map state executes the same processing steps for multiple entries in a dataset. The existing map state is limited to 40 […]

How CISOs get multicloud security right with CIEM

More CISOs will have to deliver revenue growth to protect their budgets and grow their careers in 2023 and beyond, and a core part of that will be getting multicloud security right. It’s the most common infrastructure strategy for rejuvenating legacy IT systems and Source

14 Personality Interview Questions (and Sample Answers!)

Sometimes the hardest questions to answer are the ones with no wrong answer. “What are you like as a person?” or “What is something that you enjoy doing?”. While both of these questions seem innocent on the surface level they have a tendency to put us on the spot if we are asked them.  This […]

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights – Simplify Third-Party Software Risk Assessments | Amazon Web Services

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights is a new capability of AWS Marketplace. It simplifies third-party software risk assessments when procuring solutions from the AWS Marketplace. It helps you to ensure that the third-party software continuously meets your industry standards by compiling security and compliance information, such as data privacy and residency, application security, and access control, […]

New for Amazon SageMaker – Perform Shadow Tests to Compare Inference Performance Between ML Model Variants | Amazon Web Services

As you move your machine learning (ML) workloads into production, you need to continuously monitor your deployed models and iterate when you observe a deviation in your model performance. When you build a new model, you typically start validating the model offline using historical inference request data. But this data sometimes fails to account for […]

Next Generation SageMaker Notebooks – Now with Built-in Data Preparation, Real-Time Collaboration, and Notebook Automation | Amazon Web Services

In 2019, we introduced Amazon SageMaker Studio, the first fully integrated development environment (IDE) for data science and machine learning (ML). SageMaker Studio gives you access to fully managed Jupyter Notebooks that integrate with purpose-built tools to perform all ML steps, from preparing data to training and debugging models, tracking experiments, deploying and monitoring models, […]