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How to Build a Bigger Retirement Nest Egg With Your Side Hustle

Financial experts recommend you save $1-1.5 million to retire comfortably. If that number sounds impossible, you may be part of a national trend. According to the US Government Accountability Office, 48 percent of households headed by someone aged 55+ have no retirement savings at all. If your retirement fund isn’t as large as it should […]

New languages for Amazon Translate: Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Thai, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese | Amazon Web Services

Technical Evangelists travel quite a lot, and the number one question that we get from customers when presenting Amazon Translate is: “Is my native language supported?“. Well, I’m happy to announce that starting today, we’ll be able to answer “yes” if your language is Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Thai, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese. In fact, using […]

Tech boost in banking spend predicted to slash 200K jobs in a decade

Dive Brief: Investing in technology is set to enable “the biggest capital for labor swap in the history of banking,” according to a Wells Fargo Securities report from bank analyst Mike Mayo. That investment will allow banks to reduce non-tech spending.  Wells Fargo projects the sector will shrink its headcount by 200,000 over the next […]

63% of new hires bring data from old employers. What’s the risk?

Dive Brief: More than one-quarter, 27%, of information security leaders don’t monitor the data new employees bring to their organization, according to a Code42 survey of more than 1,000 information security leaders and 600 business decision-makers.  Because employees feel “entitled to personal ownership” of work data, 63% bring data from previous employers to their new workplace. Nearly […]

Digital tools interrupt workers 14 times a day

Dive Brief: The constant chime of digital workplace tools including email, instant messaging or collaboration software interrupts knowledge workers 13.9 times on an average day, according to a survey of 3,750 global workers from Workfront. In the company’s State of Work 2020 study, 86% of workers said they expect simplicity and ease of use from […]

Novartis, Microsoft ink 5-year AI alliance

Dive Brief: Novartis will partner with Microsoft in a five-year bet that the storied technology company can help it make better sense of the reams of data generated from Novartis laboratory experiments, clinical trials and manufacturing plants.  In a partnership announced Tuesday, the two companies said they would work together to develop applications for Microsoft’s […]

Pharma sits on a ton of data. Its infrastructure doesn’t quite keep up

Dive Brief: Leaders in the pharmaceutical industry say their ability to fully operationalize the mountains of data they sit on is “limited,” but they’re working on the infrastructure to make it possible, according to a report from advisory firm Russell Reynolds Associates. The report, based on interviews with digital and technology leaders at 10 global pharma companies, […]