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Pharma sits on a ton of data. Its infrastructure doesn’t quite keep up

Dive Brief: Leaders in the pharmaceutical industry say their ability to fully operationalize the mountains of data they sit on is “limited,” but they’re working on the infrastructure to make it possible, according to a report from advisory firm Russell Reynolds Associates. The report, based on interviews with digital and technology leaders at 10 global pharma companies, […]

CFO or CIO can lead digital transformation, but cooperation is key

There’s no single way for a company to undertake a digital transformation, but for the effort to be successful, the CFO and CIO must work together, executives who’ve gone through the process said Friday in a CFO.com webinar. Matt Reece, CFO of Webcor, a San Francisco-based construction company, credits the CIO for taking the lead […]

Technology Trends That Will Define 2020

2019 has been a big year for technological advancement thus far as drones, Mobile 5G and increased internet capability have helped not only businesses, but individuals to run their lives more efficiently. But what does 2020 have to offer us that 2019 does not? In this article, we will be looking into some of the […]

Dueling responsibilities aside, DevOps clears a path for security

The DevOps lifecycle is rife with tension.  Development, operations and security have missions and the key is aligning all those causes.  Developers cringe when security enters the room because of the limits that come with security controls. But security isn’t on duty to take the life out of the party; its goal is to make sure […]

Zero trust 101 and the art of healthy skepticism

The cloud blew up the idea of a secure perimeter, obliterating traditional — even archaic — security strategies companies find false comfort in. Rethinking security made way for zero trust, a framework that operates under the assumption an organization has already been compromised, as defined by Forrester. Companies control who talks to who and when. Never […]

Why You Should Think Like a Salesperson When Hunting for a New Job

The art of sales and the art of securing a job aren’t all that different. Both center on your ability to hold a meaningful, mutually beneficial conversation. Both also have reputations for one-sidedness. Salespeople and hiring managers are often seen as prize-grabbing characters trying to get what they want while offering little in return. That couldn’t be […]

5 questions the board wants answered during risk assessments

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The current iteration of risk evaluation heat maps are akin to slow-to-pixelate Doppler radars. They don’t do cyber risk evaluation justice, nor do they convey impact in a thoughtful manner for a board of directors. The heat map, divided by green, yellow and red, is a near-elementary tool for color coding […]

‘Outside-in’ digital age devolves the enterprise architect role

Editor’s note: The following is a guest article from Spencer Izard, lead advisor and researcher at Leading Edge Forum.  The enterprise architect (EA) role has always resided within the IT department. The reason for this is that IT leaders commonly took the perspective that “you cannot architect technology unless you have developed technology.” This attitude […]