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Cyber paradox: Security looms as obstacle and opportunity in cloud migration

Data protection and compliance solutions are easing cloud adoption even as cyber concerns persist.

Midsize companies prioritize security while navigating resource limits

Despite smaller budgets and risk appetite, midsize businesses still have critical technology needs on their way to business growth.

Intruder Alternatives : Some of The Best Options to Keep Your Cloud Secure

Intruder Vulnerability Tool Alternatives There are many Intruder alternative names on the market, but which one is the best for your cloud security needs? Intruder is a popular web application security testing tool, and it offers a wide variety…

5 uncomfortable questions to improve enterprise data culture

Tech leaders must find the gaps in their data strategy to actively shape a data culture that enables insights-driven decision-making 

Cloud collaboration market boom is good news for Microsoft

With hybrid work entrenched and data security a looming concern, IT spend on collaboration bodes well for the No. 2 infrastructure cloud provider.

Employers should prioritize retention over hiring, study suggests

Companies contending with an unprecedented talent market and looming recession have begun “labor hoarding,” according to some reports.

Better living through cloud: Green aspirations drive migration

Companies are prioritizing sustainability and counting on cloud technologies to provide new gains in curbing carbon emissions.

Where the benefits of responsible AI emerge

Constraints for AI programs abound, but recent research found tangible business benefits when implemented responsibly, including improved products and brand differentiation. 

Organizations rapidly shift tactics to secure the software supply chain

Synopsys data shows rapid increases in automation and use of SBOMs among software producers and other organizations.

Tech gap throttles IoT ambitions in critical infrastructure: report

Leaders in essential industries are grappling with similar talent constraints as those faced by businesses.

What is Microservices in DevOps?

What Is The Role of Microservices in DevOps? The modern business landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the user requirements that come with it. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and service providers must adapt to stay ahe…

Updates can spell trouble for IT. What to consider with Windows 11 — and beyond

For tech departments, an update is more than just a push-to-start procedure. IT professionals must ensure updates are not a hindrance to the business.