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OpenAI, with pilots underway, tries to help organizations identify AI-generated text

In the same week, OpenAI launched a paid tier of ChatGPT and a tool to spot computer-generated text. The problem is, the detection tool is unreliable. 

Airlines promise they’re investing in technology

Five major carriers used recent earnings calls to respond to the recent failures in aviation technology.

CISOs to face new budget hurdles in 2023 as economic anxiety lingers

Boards and the C-suite still see cybersecurity as a cost center, forcing CISOs to rethink their approach amid cost cuts become more prominent. 

ServiceNow leans on customer quality, not volume, as market shifts

The SaaS company reported a 98% renewal rate and inked more than 120 deals valued greater than $1 million last quarter. 

Software Deployment Best Practices in the Azure Cloud

What Is Cloud Deployment? Cloud deployment is the process of deploying and managing applications, services, and infrastructure in a cloud computing environment. Cloud deployment provides scalability, reliability and accessibility over the internet,…

Accelerating Enterprise AI Workloads with an AI Platform

There are many exciting advancements made in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), like machine learning at the edge, explainable AI, and adversarial machine learning. This rapid progression of AI is accelerating industry innovations, including…

IBM experiences growing pains as hybrid cloud strategy takes shape

Software and consulting services were the business drivers in "the first full year of the new IBM," CEO Arvind Krishna said during an earnings call.

Microsoft surpasses $20B in security revenue as enterprise customers consolidate

The company’s cybersecurity business is growing, but CEO Satya Nadella warned that customers, in an uncertain economy, are exercising caution.

3 trends shaping IT compensation strategies in 2023

Experts expect the IT talent salary ceiling to continue to rise despite tech industry layoffs and economic slowdown.

4 hidden obstacles to cloud transformation

Gain understanding to pinpoint and work through obstacles for cloud migration within your business.

Expose tribal knowledge to drive a smarter digital transformation

Improving customer experiences, automating workflows and modernizing applications are three key areas where CIOs can demonstrate business outcomes and return on investment (ROI).

Automation is key to making compliance a competitive advantage

Learn how your company can use automation to turn compliance into a competitive advantage.