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The 15 biggest CIO appointments of 2022

From Apple to Target, CIO Dive compiled the most notable CIO appointments at the world’s leading companies this year, as well as leaders to watch in 2023.

AWS gamifies industry cloud training

The hyperscaler unveiled a new version of its Cloud Quest video game, tailored for financial services.

Informatica embeds new analytics capabilities in AWS cloud ecosystem

Data Loader eases data intake from on-prem legacy systems, cloud and third-party application for AWS customers.

The Role of Software Asset Management for Ecommerce

Software Asset Management for Ecommerce In 2021, the market for software asset management (SAM) was worth $2 billion, but what really is this practice having such a whopping market worth? Should you invest in it? By the end of this Source

As CIOs tighten tech spend, demand for cybersecurity services grows

Managed service providers can help fill talent needs and tame costs, but that strategy may require additional risk mitigation.

How CIOs can revamp the company SaaS strategy

Infrastructure and operations leaders should proactively adopt SaaS applications, rather than retrospectively adapting to change.

How IT managers should respond to the tech talent shortage

A new study reveals how to retain and attract developers amidst tech talent shortage.

Cloud vs. Bare Metal is not so clear-cut

Cloud vs. Bare Metal Looking for hosting solutions, you’ve definitely come across VPS and dedicated server hosting many times. But in recent years the probability of coming across some other hosting services, namely cloud hosting and bare…

Companies grapple with SaaS application management

Many companies struggle to control app redundancy, shadow IT and complexity, Snow Software found.

Why some CIOs are delaying retirement

Today’s C-suite tech leaders have enterprisewide clout, a greater budget share and critical responsibilities over business and IT operations. Finding a successor isn’t easy.

Forrester offers guidance on getting zero trust right and achieving security goals

Tighter budgets, a near-record level of projects to be done with a smaller staff and a rising number of malware-free attacks are a few of the many challenges taking the security team’s time away from zero trust. CISOs tell VentureBeat that consolidating…

If young workers see their supervisor quiet quitting, they might do the same

There’s little info out there about what happens when the boss quiet quits, a Rutgers University faculty member writes.