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Cautious but confident, tech talent won’t stop job hopping

Workforce reductions in big tech have tempered the Great Resignation, but IT workers are still testing the job market.

How 5G Will Impact Healthcare, Construction & Higher Education in 2023

5G networks are expanding to drive new, diverse use cases and innovative mobile-first experiences. Organizations are preparing their 5G strategies accordingly to help fuel transformation, support digital business processes, and improve how people…

Only half of companies have the budgets necessary to mitigate cybersecurity risks: study

Macroeconomic pressures squeeze IT security spending, Neustar data shows.

Top tech talent rewarded with remote work

Software and data professions command the highest percentage of flexible work options, a Remote report shows.

Great resigners gravitated to tech in 2022 — and not just for better salaries

Challenging work and upskilling opportunities drew job changers into the IT workforce, and most are happy in their new roles.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with the Recruitment Process 

Artificial Intelligence and the Recruitment Process Artificial intelligence can be found everywhere, from dating websites to cars. Another use for AI can be found in the recruitment industry, which has been needing this revamp ever since the…

Microsoft-OpenAI partnership enters third phase with a multiyear, multibillion dollar investment

The expanding partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI has implications for the future of both entities as well as businesses across industries, experts say.

Google Cloud rolls out AI-driven inventory tech

The system uses machine learning to automatically identify items on store shelves using images taken from multiple angles.

Get leaner and greener in 2023

Like a wellness regimen, driving sustainability can be overwhelming when you try and do everything all at once; but it becomes more manageable—with more immediate, measurable results—when you incorporate this priority into existing pla…

Southwest Airlines commits $1B to IT upgrades

The airline has taken immediate action to enhance its crew engagement technology, CEO Bob Jordan said.

What Google layoffs say about the state of tech hiring

Layoff plans at Google add to a slew of tech sector announcements that mark the end of a hiring era.

Capital One cuts 1,100 tech jobs

Responsibilities associated with eliminated positions will fold into existing engineering and product roles, Capital One said.