Top 3 use cases to infuse AI in your business: A CxO cheat sheet

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer in its infancy; it is an essential business transformation tool to deliver results with impact. AI is changing every aspect of business by bringing data to the center: from AI infused customer and employee experiences to AI infused operations, and, ultimately, protecting the company from external risks and fraud.  

At IBM we are calling this an AI application flywheel. By drawing insights from hundreds of C-level AI engagements, major AI-driven business priorities surface to the top for each C-Suite executive. These include,

  • CEO – who has made a mission to make their organisation an AI driven company.
  • CMO – who wants to revamp marketing with advanced AI led customer engagement.
  • COO – who manages operations and wishes to leverage and apply AI efficiencies.
  • CFO – who wants to safeguard his company from new emerging threats and frauds. 

AI infused customer and employee experience

According to Servion Global Solutions research, approximately 95 percent of customer interactions of the future will be powered by AI. At that scale, it may become impossible to differentiate between humans and virtual agents during live conversation via telephone or online…

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